Spain is pretty cool, I guess.

Haha!  I’m actually misleading you with the title of this blogpiece, because I’m not writing about Spain yet!  What now?  I have some awesome photos I need to catch you up on, because February was SWEET and also I’ve already taken like 200 pictures in 4 days in Spain.  Yes.  I’m averaging 50 photos a day.  I’m having THAT much fun.  🙂

BUT, as a quick update and so no one worries (Dad and Nicky), I am in Spain and perfectly awesome!  We have arrived at our first climbing town (Tremp, in Catalunya) after some days of touristy travels.  We’ll be here for the next three and a half weeks, and we have wi-fi in our apartment, so you’ll get to see those 200 photos, never fear.  Probably not all of them though.  At least I hope not.  Anyway.

No phone for us yet, but since we have regular internets, you can email me!  Or use the face-bizizzle.  Or you know.  Comment on this suh-weet blogpiece.  And now to the photos!

My sister has chickens.  This sounds random, but it’s not.  When I went back to Portland a few weeks ago, I got to play with them, and they are AWESOME.  Nicky feeds them treats and pets them regularly, and now whenever she goes out into her backyard to see them, they come RUNNING (which is really just cute chicken-waddling) towards her.  And since I look like her, I am a defacto awesome person who probably has treats.  I feel like an extremely famous person when three chickens come pelting at me through the yard.  Also, since she’s had them since they were young, she got them used to being handled a lot, and they don’t mind if you pick them up.  They’ll sit on your shoulder!  Evidence below.

Cute.  Peeps, and Krissy Chicken.  I think.

Chicken bootay right in yo face.  Fluffy.  Warm.

Antoinette is not sure she likes chicken lovin’.

 M’kay.  See why I think chickens are awesome?  Guess what I’m getting when we move to Portland?  Yup.

So anyway, I didn’t take any other pictures in Portland.  You didn’t want to see them anyway.  What I did do is take random pictures of what Jason and I did in Vegas.  So check these out:

Oh yeah, Red Rocks.

Not so hot lighting for Dave, but cool scenery.

We introduced Dave and Leanna to Mochi, the most delicious desert ever.  It was quite entertaining.

It was free.  We had to go!

View of the Vegas strip.

We also went to Circus Circus to watch circus acts.  Totally worth it.

And we had to play Dance Dance Revolution.

Five meals worth of food for $14. 

MF visited!

Dave and Leanna, being awesome.

 After a few days in Vegas, we took some time off and drove to LA to visit my aunt and uncle, Mia and Tom.  They have an AMAZING home, and even though Tom beat me at Settlers of Catan, I still love them.  🙂

Rough life.

View from aunt Mia’s house.

Jason, Aunt Mia, me

Oh yeah, I’m going in.

Adorable kitten of my aunt’s.

 Thank you guys so much for letting us stay, and giving us a great introduction to LA!  We’ll be back.  🙂 

We stopped over in Joshua Tree for a few hours to visit Kyle and Leslie on our way back from LA:

 And we drove through the Mojave desert on our way back.

Very cool desert sunset.

Dried up desert lake. 

And then, after Vegas, we drove through Flagstaff and hung out with the very zaughsome Rayne Zaughsome, from such amazing events as our wedding, and we went to the METEOR CRATER!  Check it, homies:

This is the amazing setup they have so you can pretend you went into the crater.  My face = winning.

Number ONE!
I took a picture of the picture of the crater.  Pretty smooth, eh?

Realistic.  For sure.

They sell fossilized dinosaur poop.
You thought I was joking.  I wasn’t.  I couldn’t make up fossilized dinosaur poop, but I wish I had.

View of Flagstaff’s mountain from the crater.


Catan, of course.

Anyway, we made it to Albuquerque, and then the Spain adventure began!  You can’t have those details now.  You’ll have to wait just a little longer for that awesomeness.  But, as a parting gift, you can walk away with this awesome video Dave and Leanna made for us of climbing in Red Rocks!

Until next time….  I’ll be drinking red wine.  As in, that’s what I’ll be doing in the meantime.  You get the idea.

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