Review of Milk and Baby Nursing Shirt

At some point this spring, I contacted this company called Milk and Baby to ask about their nursing clothing.  I’d been coveting several items from their website, but I never buy stuff online– I always feel like I need to try it on before I can commit.  They agreed to send me a sample to wear in exchange for a review on the bliggety-blog about it.

Let me just say, the shirt they sent me is COMFY.  When they originally sent me a long sleeved number, I thought for sure I wouldn’t wear it. But it’s awesome!  It’s stretchy, warm enough to wear on it’s own (without a sweater or sweatshirt), and it’s cute!

Really, the best part about this shirt is the flap.  The top half of the shirt essentially just pulls up, and if you wear a nursing bra, you can just unclasp and nurse, without having to pull the entire shirt up, or, what I’ve been doing lately, just pulling the shirt down at the neckline.  All of my shirts are getting stretched out and the elastic is wearing out.  This one is the empire scoop neck shirt— they have a ton of stuff that looks super cute in addition to this, though I haven’t had a chance to try anything else out yet.

Next on my wish list: the nursing tank.  I bought a nursing bra thinking I would wear it all the time, but I wear nursing tank tops WAY more often.  Friends with babies, if you don’t have one, you should TOTALLY get at least one– for a while there I was living in it.  And then I decided I needed to actually have cute clothing that couldn’t double as pajamas, which is where this new shirt comes in.  🙂

So their stuff is super easy to use and super comfy to wear.  Their website is here, you guys should check them out!   They also have a ton of stuff for kangaroo care, which is DEFINITELY what I’m going to do with baby number two.  Which, NO, we have not started on yet.  I need to get a decent night’s sleep first, and then I’ll consider it.

Clearly, it’s nearly Halloween in this picture– hence the pumpkin and Evelyn’s outfit.  🙂

Check me out, yo.

Here you can see the flap that lifts up.

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