Nope, Not Yet– Short and Sweet Update

Trust me, we are waiting on pins and needles.  My due date is the 21st, so we’re almost there!  I keep trying not to hope that she’ll arrive early, but it’s in the back of my mind.  Which, of course, will mean that she’ll be late, and maybe even really late!  I guess we’ll see.  🙂

I’m still doing well, feeling larger and more uncomfortable every day, but still working (and I climbed last week).  Although Jason did help me put on my shoes the other day.  It’s just so hard to reach my feet!  Ha.  Yes.  The belly is giant.

And, as you can imagine, we are not excited at all.  Ha!  Every day I wake up and think, “Today could be the day!”  And it really could.  Except, the more I think that, the more impatient I get for today to ACTUALLY be the day, and so far, it hasn’t been.  Clearly.  But I am doing my best to be patient– the longer she spends in there, the better, right?  We just so want to meet her!  

And I think I am totally ready for the actual labor.  Last night I felt her drop more into my pelvis, and I just thought– “Yes.  Let’s do this.”  Which really, is a big change from how I was feeling a month ago, and probably due to the fact that this last stage really is awkward and uncomfortable.  And we’ve just been waiting so long!  🙂

Jason has taken to asking things like, “Do you think our baby will love us?”  Or “Do you think she’ll have red hair?” 

Yesterday, he balled his fists up and waved his arms around and asked, “Who am I?”  Ha– LTB, clearly.  

Or, lately he’ll start talking to my belly, and says things like, “Follow the sound of my voice!”  Will this bring the child out?  I have no idea.  But it’s certainly entertaining. 

I’ve been trying to keep busy– balancing keeping the schedule open in case it happens, and also making sure to have things going so I don’t dwell on the fact that I want this child to arrive!  I have just a few days left of work– I’m going to work through Thursday, which is my due date, if she doesn’t arrive.  And then after that, I think I’m done.  It’s not too bad to be at work, but there is certainly some discomfort, so I think it would be better to be relaxing at home if she’s late.  

We helped out at a fundraiser for My Voice Music, a non-profit run by our very good friend Ian Mouser, on Friday.  It was AWESOME.  Check out MVM here:  Our friends are doing amazing things.

We’ve been playing a fair amount of Catan… and stocking up on groceries… and hanging out with my dad… and generally taking it easy, but trying to get ready as well.  This child has more clothes than I do, and I’ve done an obscene number of laundry loads to get her clothes ready.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  But seriously– the clothes are all SO DAMN CUTE.

Nicky put together a meal calendar for us– if anyone wants to volunteer to bring us a meal, we’ll let you hold the baby… 🙂  Doesn’t that sound tempting?  Check it out here:

To get access, enter passcode 1213.  

Also, we took some preggo photos with our friend Lucas, and he’s amazing.  Check out these fantastic photos:

Obligatory and cheesy, but cute!

This is our album cover.  For our band.  Which we totally have.

You can see the whole group of them here, and purchase prints if you want to:

They are ridiculously great.  He’s such a talented guy.  

Needless to say, my belly is now bigger, but I don’t have more photos to share of it.  I plan on taking one right when I go into labor so I can compare.  🙂  

Want to see something crazy?  I took this video about 3 weeks ago, but if you pay attention to the sides of my belly, you can see the alien child moving inside.  It’s really rather awesome.  Check it out:


Yup.  That’s every day, folks.  And her movements are getting more and more dramatic, I’m guessing because she has less and less room.  I think I even have a section of my uterus that is bruised from all of her kicking!  She’s a feisty one.

Anyway, I promise to keep you updated.  When she arrives, I’ll let you know!  And post annoying new baby pictures, of course.  🙂 

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