New blog!

So, check it out!  This is the blog to follow the adventures of Can-Am Flight 5.14 while we road-trip to amazing-ness.  I’ll be updating photos and adventures as Jason, Leslie, Kyle and I visit Hueco Tanks, TX; Albuquerque, NM; various locations in CA; Spain; and Colorado.  

At the moment, one important note is that my address is changing!  As of December 14th, which is the day we are leaving Knoxville, TN, the best address to reach me at will be my dad’s, in Portland.  I’m not posting it here, but if you want me to email it to you, just let me know. 

And, a quick overview of our plans:  Jason and I work regular hours at our jobs until December 9th, which is a Friday.  Saturday, we’ll have a lovely going-away-fest with friends here in Knoxville (everyone is invited, of course!), and then we’ll pack and clean and clean and pack until probably about Tuesday, when we’ll do more packing, just into a truck instead of into boxes.  Then, driving.  First stop is Kansas to visit Jason’s family, then we’re heading to CO to visit none other than the famous Kimberly Perez!  Salt Lake City is after that, with a quick visit to the BAMF otherwise known as Clint Batson, and last we’ll push to Portland.  We’re spending the holidays in Portland (want to hang out?), and probably sometime around January 1st, we’ll head to our first climbing destination, Hueco Tanks, near El Paso, TX.  Kyle and Leslie, the CAN on this CAN-AM awesome-ness, will meet us there.   The blog will get MUCH more interesting at that point. 

So, that’s where we are!  We will miss you Knoxville…. but the time has come for greater adventures to ensue…
The future awaits.  That’s why my face is so sassy.
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